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Silly Fun

It’s like “Candy Crush” but healthier!!


I spent the past few days at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge!  I worked with a group of about 40 teachers learning about some of the amazing restorative work happening there.  The refuge is close to home and VERY inexpensive… lots to see.  Check them out if you have time.

Stop and THINK!!!

Need something to do?  Check out this amazing site!

You Got Good Grammar?

HAHAHA!  Hopefully, you can tell me what is wrong with that title!  Do you know when to use their? there? they’re?  How about it’s and its?  Some/sum words sound alike even when they have different meanings.  Spend a few minutes figuring out which/witch homophones go where/wear.  Knowing the differences will improve your writing grade so that you’re report card will make you/ewe happy!


If you haven’t tried IXL or Khan, check them both out… All grade levels up through college!

Factors and Multiples

Do you remember what factors are?  What about multiples?  Understanding factors and multiples is very a very important part of excelling at algebra.  Spend a few minutes practicing how to find factors and multiples before school starts in the fall!!!


Check out the links on the right and explore some of these great sites.  They will be helpful for students in the 6th grade.


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