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Tuesday, November 11

Happy Veterans Day! I hope everyone is having a great day with their families

I have not been keeping up with this page, sorry. Because I am unable to access the admin portion of the page from school, I must post from home. This has been challenging lately! Now that things have settled a bit, I am going to try to keep up with things.

Please click the links to the right and check out some of the great pages available for practice, studying and playing around. I am still waiting for log on passwords for several students, but the majority have user names and passwords for all of the textbook sites and IXL.

As always, email me if you have any questions or concerns. I would love to work with you to make 6th grade an amazing experience

Tuesday, September 23

Finish the Science World “text evidence’ paper…

Monday, September 22

Sorry this is late! It has been a very long day :)

Summers math; GCF/LCM worksheet
Halpin math; sorry, I hope you have it in your planner

Reading; Science World, Read “Animal Tracker”

Science; Summary and review worksheet, due Thursday. If you didn’t read pages 4-9, get r done

Make up work; If you forgot about the English assignment last week, you still need to get that done. ALSO, some of you did not finish the 3 questions from reading today… Complete sentences, correct spelling, punctuation, grammar. I mean it. Do it right or do it over… (class motto)

Friday, September 19

Yes, weekend homework… but don’t worry, it’s just some reading to get ready for next week :)

Reading; Hatchet, chapter 4. We will work on the summary on Monday.

Science; Astronomy, Chapter 1, lesson 1. ‘What can you See in the Sky?’ pages 4-9. You don’t have to answer the questions, but be ready to do that on Monday.

Thursday, September 18

Halpin math; page 13-14, sorry I don’t remember the numbers… when in doubt, do them all! :)
Summers math; no homework

Science; Vocab words, page 5

Wednesday, September 17

Halpin math; page 11 9-16
Summers math; No HW :) Quiz on GCF tomorrow

Science; Look UP! See what you see. Find the moon (try in the morning)

Reading; Read pages 2-7 in your Science World

English; page 73? (sorry, it’s the lesson on kinds of sentences) 1-12. ***13-18*** IF you can!

Tuesday, September 16

Science; Fill out the calendar for September. The first Monday in the month was the first. Then, tomorrow morning, go outside and try to find the moon. Draw what it looks like. Note the time of day and where the moon is in the sky. ALSO, if you had notes to rewrite or to catch up on, take care of that for Thursday.

September 10

Tomorrow is Patriot Day in honor of the men and women whose lives were forever changed by the events of September 11. Please wear red, white and blue in remembrance.

Monday, September 8

Read Hatchet, Chapter 3. Write a summary (3-8 sentences). Find 10 words that you think will be on the vocab list. AND finish the vocab crossword puzzle from Chapter 2


What a week! We spent a TON of time getting to know each other, sorting out schedules, and preparing our journals and binders. We also took a few SHORT math quizzes to see what we remember. We met our Kinder-buddies, took them to lunch, played at recess, and helped them find their busses to get home. So many responsibilities!

Just a note; I rarely give homework on the weekends… HOWEVER, I ask that students complete any homework that they did not get done the past week, OR that they do a better job on the work that they DID do. Confusing? This past week, I asked students to write a few sentences about what they read in chapters 1 and 2 of Hatchet. We talked about their summaries in class. When I asked students if they thought they could have done a better job on the summaries, 3/4 of the class knew that they could/should have written better. Remind students to do their BEST, not the minimum. This might be a good time to talk to students about doing their best work

I will take some time this weekend to get students’ user names and passwords completed for all the amazing sites we have this year. I will have students attach these to their planners, so please help me get them into the habit of bringing planners home.

Please save the link to this blog page. I post most information and homework before 6 every day… or I TRY to post before 6! :) If you subscribe to the page, you can get an email notification every day if that is easier.


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