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Thursday, March 25

Summers math; practice test and vocab. Test today!
Science; Atom and element project.


Tuesday, March 24

Summers’ math; pages 409-410 and the graphiti worksheet

Science; make sure you have your vocab done!


Monday, March 23

Summers’ math; do pages 401 and 402.

Science; vocab words on page 73

ELA; through chapter 12 in Tuck Everlasting.  Quiz tomorrow

Extra stuff, just for fun… morning math kids, log back on to MobyMax. For some extra science practice, click on the links to Jefferson Laboratories or Chemistry 4 Kids

Thursday, March 12

Homework has become a problem lately ūüė¶ Please try to remember how important it is to practice!

Science reports are due tomorrow.  Class time will be available to finish up

Social Studies 1 has the chapter review 1-11, Soc. St. 2 has no homework

No homework for either math class

Wednesday, March 11

Many, many, many students did not complete homework last night!  Soooooo, about 2/3 of the class needs to complete the homework from last night PLUS the pronoun assignment from today.  Some students also need to complete the cursive writing paper from class as well.

Summers’ math kids have no math homework tonight, but I am not sure about Halpin’s

Conferences will be coming up in about 2 weeks, if any parents have a preference as to day or evening, please contact me or the office.

IXL!!!  Use the link on the right side of this page and get on IXL!  There is a school wide contest to see who can master the most grade level skills.  Right now, Karter is in the lead with 7, Kyndra is in 2nd with 5.  Go 6th graders!

Tuesday March 10

Summers’ math; pages 349-352 AND decimal/fraction/percent review for retest tomorrow

ELA; Tuck- read prologue through chapter 4. Do packet pages 8-10 and the crossword.

Silly Fun

It’s like “Candy Crush” but healthier!!


I spent the past few days at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge! ¬†I worked with a group of about 40 teachers learning about some of the amazing restorative work happening there. ¬†The refuge is close to home and VERY inexpensive… lots to see. ¬†Check them out if you have time.

Stop and THINK!!!

Need something to do?  Check out this amazing site!

You Got Good Grammar?

HAHAHA! ¬†Hopefully, you can tell me what is wrong with that title! ¬†Do you know when to use their? there? they’re? ¬†How about it’s and its? ¬†Some/sum words sound alike even when they have different meanings. ¬†Spend a few minutes figuring out which/witch homophones go where/wear. ¬†Knowing the differences will improve your writing grade so that you’re report card will make you/ewe happy!